22 March 2015

Making a list

OK. Could rant about the latest breastfeeding debate, but I think you all know how I feel about that (in short, shut the f&ck up, feed the damn baby and move on?!) and quite frankly I've bored myself silly chuntering about it in my head all week long. Could tell you all about my thrilling and exciting weekend (Asda, swimming, Costa...wait, that's EVERY weekend at the moment!) Could regale you with our bike ride into town on Saturday morning during which Toddler sat on his bike and screamed his tits off for a solid 6 minutes about various imaginary ailments that were severely impeding his ability to pedal while Husband and I hid slightly out of view in an attempt to a) get him to fucking follow us and b) hide our hysterics. By the time he gave in and came slowly round the corner he was beet-red, covered in snot and tears and looked completely FURIOUS! He then wagged his finger and called us YOU NAUGHTY BOY, YOU NAUGHTY GUL and the hysterics turned to tears. Husband was practically on the floor bent double.
But words just wouldn't do it justice. Honest. It was hi-LA-rious.
Hmm...could post about the house again...only messing, wouldn't dare.
So have decided to get started on our Spring wardrobes, the sun has peeked its head around a cloud and, although it's still cold it is definitely brighter. The other day I went outside to the bins at 6.15pm and I could still see!!!!
First things first, you're gonna need to take a long deep soak in the bath and de-fuzz those tributes to Chewbacca you've got going on there. If your legs are going to have a hope in hell of getting any colour whatsoever this summer they're going to need a bit of help. Nothing ever got a tan from sitting out whilst wearing a carpet. Bic like mad, baby, do it!
Then comes the fun bit. You need to unpack your Spring gear, welcome it like an old friend, take inventory, decide which new pieces you're going to add into the mix and then it's pretty much a case of whacking on some coral nail varnish and BAM, you're good to go.
When I say 'unpack your Spring gear' this will mean different things to different people. I have a girlfriend in America who literally packs away her entire wardrobe at the end of Winter and Summer...then opens it up again 6 months later. Mentalist! My process for the start of Spring is a bit more 'put away my woollen gloves and roll up my trousers to bare my ankles...aaaaaand done!' That said, there are certain things you aren't going to need for the next 6 months and some things you may be using a bit more often that you have recently (ie 12 heavy jumpers and linen trousers) You get my drift.
Spring is also a funny time weather-wise, especially when you live in a country such as this where one day you can encounter 14 different types of weather all before lunch. Basically, don't pack away your scarves (as IF we WOULD!!!) and don't fold up every jumper you own in scented tissue paper for storage until September just yet (my jumpers don't ever get packed up, they just sit on the shelf stationary for that one blistering weekend in July...then they get worn again, sigh!) We live in a middle-ground type of country, it's not as easy as 'cold clothes' and 'hot clothes' so in Britain there's going to be considerable overlap.
Anyhoo, while the boys were enjoying a random piece of freezing cold sunshine in the garden earlier (idiots!) I made a quick list of staples I have already and made a start on my Spring wishlist. Ta-da...

Skinny jeans x 2
Bootcut jeans
Patch jeans
Denim skirt
Chinos (navy and stone)
Linen trousers (navy)

Breton tops in navy/white
1 plain tshirt
3 long vests
Silky blouses for daywear
Thin jumpers
Waterfall-esque cardigans x 2

Navy blazer
Navy gilet

400 scarves!

White and Purple Converse
Ballet pumps
Navy ankle boots
Navy daps
Navy loafers

(Am sensing a lot of navy here...do I want to mess with a good thing? I think not!)
As an aside, at this point, I must add that whatever is on your 'already in my closet' list must fit you, make you feel good and be in good nick. There is no point whatsoever buying bits and pieces to jazz up what you already own if those items make you feel fat/thin, shabby, dowdy, frumpy or worn out. Total and utter waste of time, effort and money. Send them to the charity shop and treat yourself to some new staples at the same damn time. Next do jeans for £22. Enough said!

Breton tops in different colours (audible gasp!)
Slogan tops Flared jeans (bear with me, it's a 70s vibe going on at the min, I'm not insane I swear!)
Boyfriend turn-up jeans from Zara
A different cut of skirt of some description

Plain tshirts for a top layer
Extra vests (only have 3 and one is a size 10, think it's my sister's and it hurts!!)
Some lace-up flats aka WIT or the ones from Boden!
Some Dakota suede loafers 
A yellow scarf
An Everyday Jumper or a Tippi sweater

Huh. That list seems a lot longer than I expected. Oops! Thing is, a wishlist is full of wishes. And with two mortgages to pay for the next God knows how many months my wishes may have to wait until 2016. But it's always good to have a working list. I think it keeps me focused on my current style-thinking which encourages me to make more of an effort day to day. It also prevents me from buying as many random purchases; something about writing a list makes me feel more accountable and it's good to remember which pieces I really do have my eye on longterm (Shall I buy this pair of skinny jeans in M&S that are freakishly similar to two other pairs I already own?? Orrrrr shall I wait and put the money towards the Dakota pumps...?? It's good to have goals!!)
So there's the plan folks, the sun is coming and we must be ready. Assess your wardrobe and make a list!! Oh, and buy coral nail varnish x

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