16 March 2015



*adopts animals like there's no tomorrow

*breastfeeds on demand. Ask her when baby M last fed and she laughs in my face then looks at me with pity and amusement


*enjoys camping 

*likes mud

*when things don't go to plan she just shrugs her shoulders. Her nursery still doesn't have blackout blinds and baby M is 15 weeks old. I'd have killed Husband long before my due date if that kind of shit happened over here. She literally just shrugs! She left mine last week and took the wrong turn, took her 95 mins to do a 45min journey. I'd have been in tears 😫

*doesn't see mess 


*acerbic wit!

*love of shoes and red lipstick

*favourite food: jacket potatoes with cheese!!

*she has the craziest, most loveable blond toddler boy I've ever met (next to Toddler of course) The boys are kindred spirits, never mind us!

*log burner mutual appreciation

*wine. Lots of wine! 

*she is the most excellent listener and never says stupid things like 'isn't it time you got over it now, three years is enough sadness, dear' (True story, apparently there's now a time limit on grief, thank you kind random in Waitrose last weekend???)

*Bond appreciation fan club 

*equal speed texter 

*tolerates Nana

She's one of my newest friends, all shiny new and exciting. I have loved her since the day I met her, she's so genuine and hilarious, sarcastic and dippy. I'm so excited to see why we've met and what we get to teach each other. I suspect she's not a transient friend. I pray she's not a transient friend xxx 

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