29 March 2015

April's Little Loves

Bit premature, seeing as it's still March, but bear with me. This is going to be 7 little things I'm excited about and 7 little things I'm going to achieve over the next 30 days. 
So. Exciting things coming my way in April:
1. Moving into the new house next week!! This is exciting for many reasons but mainly because my older sister is coming down to help with the move and I only see her once every 12-18m. Yay!
2. I turn 32 on Easter Sunday and can drink wine again. (Aargh this is probably the most exciting thing on the list. What a loser.)
3. Road trip to Edinburgh with Crazy Sister and Nana. Niece is coming along due to her absolute refusal to drink milk from anywhere but Crazy Sister's norks. I suggested no less than 12 different ideas for solving this issue, all of which were suggested in PLENTY of time, none of which my sister bothered to try. 'Twas meant to be a weekend of shows, shopping, eating hot meals in fancy restaurants... I give in. Still, exciting!!
4. Baby turns 1!!! Can't even articulate how mental that feels. With Toddler we were just elated to have kept him alive for so long, this time round we're genuinely confused as to where those 12 months have disappeared to? Maybe it's coz we're older now. Huh!
Party bags and decoration committee aside, this is also exciting because Bristol-Girl is driving up for the weekend especially and I adore her so much it hurts. I get an inexplicable urge to squeeze her tightly whenever she's within squeezing distance. Nom!! 
5. For my birthday I'm asking for something off my Spring list. I don't know what yet but the fact that I have a bonafide reason to ask for pretty things without feeling guilty is terribly exciting. Woo birthdays. 
(Am struggling now, come on April, what else you got??)
Ooh I know,
6. A trip to Shrewsbury with Eco-Mum and little mouse to swop some breastfeeding clothes (her) and eat yummy food without taking anyone to the loo mid-meal (me!) What fun!
7. A supper/jewellery party with the girls. This is both an excuse to show off my new house and raise money for Cancer Research. Must really sort out some details for that or before I know it people will be arriving and I'll be serving 4 breadsticks. Will add it to the ever-increasing list of 'Things I will turn my attention to once I've dealt with all the house-moving shit'. I'm not looking forward to that list much!

Ok. 7 things I'm going to achieve. 
1. I am going to get rid of that bastard plastic garage. I hate it so much. It will get lost in the move!
2. I will unpack every packing box in one long weekend. I bloody will. The mere thought of it not happening is making me twitch in anticipation. Urgh!
3. I am going to manage a weekend run. That's 2 I've missed now and it just makes me feel crappy. I really need to be braver and go out on my own. Mew!
4. I'm going to time the walk from the new house to school/nursery and try to take advantage of our new location on sunny days. 
5. I really must visit Teacher-Friend before Baby's birthday as they've not yet met and that's really unforgivable. A lot of situations and unfortunate circumstances have conspired against us but I also need to make more of an effort and face up to my fear of him sleeping the whole damn way to Cheltenham and ruining his routine ha ha! It's only one day. We'll be fine. 
6. Am going to implement the new rule of no iPhones upstairs at the new house. I am. Am aware this may result in Husband deciding to sleep downstairs. Small sacrifice!
7. Last thing to achieve? I'm going to walk Dog more often. Husband took over this 'errand' 3 years ago after Dog energetically defended Toddler (then Baby) against a vicious (read: elderly, defenceless) Labrador one day and pulled his brother down the lane upside down in the Maclaren in a confuddled state of protective farce. It was horrific and consequently has meant that I have only taken the pair of them out together a handful of times since. As a family it's fine. Me on my own? No thank you. So I am aware this needs work and needs work ASAP. 

There you have it. The aims for April and the little pockets of glee and excitement that will keep me energised and focussed when the going gets tough. 

Do you have a nice month ahead? Any goals to work on before Spring finally arrives?!

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