6 March 2015

Running...all the way to the bar!

God, it's finally happened. I woke up this morning all excited because I was going to buy new trainers. Have clearly had a lobotomy overnight. 
I can shop for pretty much anything mundane and enjoy it, be it household items, boring baby clothes like vests!, accessories, dog treats, jeez I can even make cleaning products into a fun experience if I need to (life of a stay at home mama, don't say a word!) But never, not ever, have I been excited about buying sports equipment. Even when I was young, free and single with a huge expendable income and seduced by those high-tec fitness centres with juice machines in the lobby did I invest in fancy pants gym gear. I just saw it as a total waste of money. And now I am clearly insane. One month of running, a surprised look at the weighing scales and the worm has turned! Who knew that inertia was the only thing between me and being slimmer? I'll make a fucking fortune when I publish this news, you watch. Exercise. Just didn't see it coming!
Anyway, last night Lawyer Mum and Yummy Mummy both spent our entire 3.5miles run telling me how inadequate my trainers were and how much of a difference new ones would make (bloody experts!) Honestly, they were so emphatic I shall be utterly disappointed if these babies don't magically make me run a marathon without breaking a sweat on Sunday afternoon!!
Feigning assistance with the boys but really just after a good laugh at my expense, Yummy Mummy took me up to the sports store where she always buys hers and made me run on a treadmill infront of a camera. Because that's not at all humiliating. Young spotty sales boy with a wealth of (2 months?) experience analysed a video of my piss poor performance and recommended some trainers for my specific 'gait'. Honest to God, this kind of shit just makes me laugh usually but today I was all smiley and noddy and interested and technical. Pfft!
Anyway, I now have new running shoes. Toddler had a wonderful, illicit time on the treadmill each time spotty sales boy went into the back room, Baby enjoyed himself chasing around a football with Yummy Mummy and we all got a Costa when I was done which frankly, is the benchmark for a successful trip out in our family's book. Funeral? Sigh. Funeral with a stop-off at Costa on the way home? Woo let me grab my LBD!
They're terribly pretty. Am concerned about mud. 
So yeah. The transformation/slip into running mania continues...
In other news we are leaving the house again. I know right? We are trying to squeeze in a date night (read: shag when one or the both of us don't fall asleep mid way through) on the last weekend of each month and we delayed February's to this weekend to go to the nursery parents' meal. Have new boots, jeans, blouse, blazer and handbag (Well, I will do if they arrive on time tomorrow from Next online, no pressure delivery man!) and am quietly excited. They say the best night out are those nights you held no preconceived notions about so am trying hard to be ambivalent and chilled in the hope that it is a total hoot! Posh Mama and her husband will be there as well as 3 other couples so am looking forward to a chat and a boogie. Without wine it's going to be hard to be my usual effervescent hilarious self but I'll give it my best shot, ha ha!
Have a great weekend whatever you're up to x

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